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Mommy for Adult Babies & Ageplayers & Diaper lovers

Mutti´s Brüste

Lovely Mommy Marlene

Young and beautiful Diaper-Mommy Marlene just loves to care for her little baby boys or cute diaper-sissies. Spending a fun day or a relaxing night in Mommy Marlene's fully equipped nursery ‘Windelwunderland’ (=nappie wonderland) is a dream come true for every ageplayer, little, diaper lover, sub or adult baby. Endless role play options and a multitude of different AB/DL items make it an experience you wouldn’t want to miss. We will play fun games, you will spend quality time on mommies lap and after putting you in a lovely foam bath with your rubber duckies and scrubbing you from top to toe, it is already time for a nap in the comfortable crib.

Or would you like mommy to give you a nice, long massage with baby-oil first? Afterwards, your wet diaper has to be changed on the big changing table and Mommy Marlene just knows how much you love it when she oils your front and back and then powders you dry before putting on the diapers and your favorite romper. A happy baby will be fed with milk, while the bigger boys already get baby food or even a yummy sweet treat! If mommy has to run some errands during the day, she can also arrange for a friendly babysitter, that stays with you and keeps you busy. Just call me to discuss your fantasies, needs and options! I am confident that I will be able to present you with a most amazing experience.

Strict Auntie Marlene

Some boys might need a firm hand, and then strict Auntie Marlene has to pay them a visit. Auntie Marlene is specialized in making naughty boys behave they way they should. Yes, it might be humiliating to be forced to sit in your extra-thick dirty diapers, dance around in little girl clothes or wear the pacifier-gag while she is spanking your ass with the carpet beater in front of her girlfriends, but how else are you going to learn? Forced potty training, washing your mouth with soap, making you wear spreader pants and using old-school corporal punishment are some favorite practices to make you understand that Auntie knows best.

My personal style

I am very versatile – and can offer everything an Adult Baby or Diaper lover might need and long for. My treatments can be (according to your fantasies and wishes) loving, warm and motherly or strict, cruel and humiliating, kinky and incestuous or an enticing mix of all of those. Together we will go on a psychological and sensual adventure into the depths of your imagination and discover new pleasures... Your mommy Marlene looks very stylish in a cute, colorful and quite tight latex dress while Nanny Marlene loves to wear vintage dresses with an especially low-cut decollete. Strict Auntie Marlene will usually wear high heels, stockings, a tight black pencil skirt and a white blouse that give her a very authoritarian look. What look do you like to see on your new caretaker in?